Sunday, October 7, 2007

Having fun with my Friends.

I have fun shopping at the Pogo Mini Mall. Using my points that I have won playing games. Playing Pogo games have helped me relax, concentrate, and communicate. I have met three great bus drivers. Whom, I would consider my friends. One is from Upstate NY, Michigan, and Louisiana. We have had so much fun playing Canasta. We would have virtual coffee parties. With vitual food and PJ parties too. It is silly, but it brought much happiness and laughter. Thank you Cattie, CC and Flsher.

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cattie said...

Hi Goddess,
I miss our games from that summer and want you to know you helped me so much also. I so enjoyed our coffee and sweets on thos late nights. I love you as much as I would a friend that lives right next to me and pray that God only has good things for you in the future. Keep in touch and know you have a friend in LA. just waiting to hear from you.

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