Friday, December 31, 2010

Hand Puppet Crazy '06

These are some of the puppets I made in the pass. I haven’t made many since. Some polymer clay finger puppets recently. These hand puppets in the caption, can fit most of your arm too. I have more detailed hand puppets that I both made and bought. I bought a couple of Folkmanis puppets. Maybe, just maybe...I will start using them and tape a video for this blog, or should I say it is, 2011 Obsession Craze #1.  We will see, you never know I might see a shinny thing go by to distract me.

My husband remade The Elvis' 1956 Song, Blue Suede Shoes, for me in a mupptized voice. I created an Elvis Bear 1950’s style to sing the song. The bear was a Build a Bear that I turned into a hand puppet. It worked out well, I made a mouth for it and took out some stuffing out of the back and I was ready to make my puppet sing and dance. Much to our kids dismay. Oh well, they are 20 and 17 now so, they must be over that embarrassed at their parents phase. Right???

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