Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bone Scan: I guess...I am crazy?

I had a Bone Scan today, this is not my first time, twice in 6 years. I went to the hospital was injected with radioactive material. I was told to come back in two hours no restriction on activity or food consumption. I went to the store than to eat. Just before, I went to eat the injection site started burning pain and I felt numb. I reported this when I returned for the bone scan. I was dismissed, no side effects I was told. I wasn't told that most people do not, I was just told there were none, by two technicians and one doctor.

After, the hour scan, my neck, ear and face was beet red. I needed to take benadryl.

I get so upset when I am dismissed, I am not crazy,  see this Amp at

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