Monday, January 31, 2011

"Are you Hip to Be Square?"

Enjoy Huey Lewis's Hip to be Square Video.

Remember, when Four Squares was something you played at recess, it is not just for kids anymore.  Now a new way to try many new things.  A social networking app you put on your cell and then let the fun begin.

We have been using Foursquare for about a month.  We are having fun doing what we do on the weekends... mostly, eating, day tripping, and drinking coffee.  We get to log our time at each place we visit and get badges for different kinds of check-ins.  We went Crazy in Boston, MA., our first weekend.  We even check-in, when we go to get our daughter from college on the weekends.

I told my daughter to sign-up with her friends and they can get free gear if they sign-up for the ambassador program.

See the article below from on the new University Badges.

By Jolie O'Dell
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Foursquare has just announced that its “Foursquare for Universities” program is now available at every college and university around the world.
Foursquare’s collegiate checkins program began about a year ago with a partnership with Harvard. At the time, the idea behind the partnership was to help students connect with colleagues, friends and professors through the app and to help campus visitors find their way around interesting and useful on-campus locations.
Now, university badges will be available at any campus around the world. Also, all students are encouraged to sign up for the startup’s ambassador program, which will give participants free Foursquare gear and tools for spreading the word about the location app.
The standard university badges (pictured in order below) include Bookworm Bender (for checking into a library or study area after midnight), Smells Like School Spirit (for five checkins to a sports venue), Quad Squatter (for 10 checkins at a common area), Munchies (for checkins at five separate campus dining facilities), and College Explorer (for checkins to any 10 different campus locations).

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