Monday, February 7, 2011

Staying Healthy after Breast Cancer

          Tina in the Domincan Republic October 2010

The Wii Fit Plus has been a great for me. I work out at least 30 minutes a day, and it keeps track of this for me. It knows how many calories I burned. You weigh yourself on the board and it keeps track of how much you lose. You can set goals for yourself and it tells you how well you are doing

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor with many health limitations and this board is allowing me to do things virtually that I am not able to do in real life anymore. Unless, I want to end up in the hospital. I had enough of that, so virtually works for me and I get a workout.

The Pink Board Cover was a must for me. One because it is pink, it also keeps the board clean and it adds more friction. I bought my board about 300 days ago according to today's workout. I couldn't find it in local stores. I bought the board and pink silicone cover from Amazon and was very pleased.

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